Please call us at 610.489.0800 to schedule your next visit.

A valid credit card or Eden Gift Card is required to make an appointment.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. Treatment start times may vary & late arrivals do not constitute extended service time.

We do require 48 hour notice for changes or cancellations. Parties of 2 or more require 72 hour notice.

No show appointments will be charged full price. Changes or cancellations within 48/72 hours are subject to 50%.

For your convenience, we can schedule your future standing appointments up to 12 months in advance upon request.



Your First Visit

Please plan to arrive early and leave your worries behind..... We have created an environment with your relaxation in mind and we ask that you arrive (15 min) early and enjoy a few moments of quiet time in our Relaxation room to unwind prior to your spa treatment. You will be asked to complete a Pre-Treatment Form in order to ensure your safety and comfort and that we are providing the most appropriate treatment. BE SURE to make us aware of any allergies, medical conditions, medications or sensitivities you may have both at time of scheduling and at time of treatment.



What To Wear

Please dress with comfort in mind.  We recommend that you leave valuables at home.

We regret that we cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of your personal articles. Your personal belongings will stay with you at all times during your visit with us for your comfort and convenience. You will be asked to remove all jewelry prior to Facials, Body Treatments and Massage.

For hair care services:  wraps and/or smocks are available for your use by request. We suggest your removal of special or favorite clothing prior to chemical services.   

For spa services: wraps, robes and slippers are available for multi-treatment guests. Single service guests will be permitted to undress in private within treatment room.

Your comfort is our priority and you may leave on any article of clothing that makes you comfortable.  Discretion will be used and you will remain properly draped at all times. For Waxing, Body Treatments, Massage and Tanning, we suggest removing undergarments (or bringing extra set) for optimal results. Some services may require additional exposure and will be discussed with you on an individual basis prior to start of treatment. 



Gratuity / Tipping

Gratuity (cash tipping) is customary in the Salon & Spa industry and is greatly appreciated by your Service Provider. 20% cash tipping is customary for exceptional service, based on undiscounted pricing. Gratuity is not included in Spa Packages. You may tip your therapist directly, or obtain a tip envelope at our Front Desk. 




All Pricing listed on this website or in print may be subject to change with or without notice.

Salon Service pricing varies based on hair length, style, volume, products used and time required for specific services. Please speak with your Technician prior to any Services if you have questions regarding pricing. Our Technicians are willing and happy to discuss optional up-grades and fees prior to service and at your request. We never like you to be surprised about pricing, and are always happy to discuss openly and answer any questions

Our Providers are trained to offer the most optimal services and upgrades (along with associated pricing) for your personal and specific needs, so please ask if there is a specific concern of yours, and your Provider will provide any and all options available.

Discounted and Promotional Services and offerings may not be combined with previously purchased Gift Cards.



Not Completely Satisfied?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your service for any reason, please contact us immediately and we will work to correct any shortcomings. Please contact us with 24 hours following your service and we will arrange for corrections ASAP.  Our Guest Services and Spa Directors will be happy to assist you.



Gift Cards

Eden Spa Gift Cards may be redeemed for services or products at full purchase price for 14 months. Beyond 14 months an inactivity fee of $2.00 per month may be deducted from your card value. We do not Accept any other Gift Cards.  Gift Cards may be purchased in any amount at our Front Desk or on our SPA GIFTS page. We do not combine Monthly Specials and Promotions  with previously purchased  Spa Gift Cards. Gift cards must be presented at time of service.



No Cell Phones

Please respect all guests’ right to serenity. Cell phone usage is prohibited within our facility. Please silence ringers and enjoy your quiet time while visiting with us.




Advise your therapist prior to treatment of any allergies, illness, injuries, current medications or if you are expecting.

We have the right and may deny Nail Services for guests showing signs of nail fungus or irritations, please see your Physician first to address any questionable conditions before scheduling your nail appointments to ensure safety.




We offer designated treatments for expectant mothers after the first trimester with physician approval. Please advise your therapist if you are expecting or nursing.




Our facility has been designed for adult relaxation. Children under the age of 14 are welcome only if they have a scheduled service appointment. Children must be attended at all times. Spa Guests under the age
of 18 require a parental authorization. Thank you for your cooperation.



What if I don't like what my therapist or stylist is doing?

Please let her know immediately... Only a select few of our therapists have ESP ;)... and any direction that you can provide to ensure your satisfaction and ultimate experience is always welcome and encouraged. Your complete satisfaction is always our top priority.



During Treatment

RELAX. There is no need to talk to your therapist and your relaxation and quiet time is our #1 goal. You are not expected to move a muscle, and our therapists are trained to move your limbs to exactly where they need to be. Some guests fall asleep during treatment and that is fine too. Your ultimate relaxation is our top priority.

Our Policies limit us to only using Products on you during your Salon & Spa visits that we carry. If you bring  a favorite Product that we do NOT supply or represent, we may be unable to perform your service. Our Product lines are carefully chosen for efficacy, safety and responsible manufacturing practices.




Who can get waxed?

If you are taking or have taken Accutane in the past year, have any open lesions, sunburn or used Retin A in the past 48 hours, we regret to tell you that we cannot perform waxing services. Any person in good health can be waxed. Please advise us in advance if you have ever had previous issues with waxing elsewhere.



How long should I wait to get waxed after shaving?

We recommend at least 7-10 days for proper regrowth. We recommend at least 1/4-1/2" of regrowth for optimal results. Hair that is over ½" may be trimmed at home prior to waxing to increase your comfort.  



What is a Brazilian wax?

Traditional Brazilian Bikini wax means front, back and everything in between. If you have a personal preference or specific request for something different, please advise your Waxer. Brazilian waxing requires guest to be nude from the waist down. We may use a combination of waxes  to provide the highest level of comfort possible.

We do offer "No Scream Cream" for guests that are sensitive or prefer a topical anesthetic prior to waxing. You may purchase the cream in advance and apply 45 minutes prior to your waxing appointment for additional comfort. 



Do people scream during waxing?

Only in the movies. We have never had anyone scream. Our Estheticians are highly trained and perform wax services with the highest level of comfort in mind. If you are sensitive and/or have low pain tolerance, you may elect to take over the counter pain medication and/or use topical anesthetic prior to your appointment.

Yes, waxing can be uncomfortable (especially the first time since you don't know what to expect) but is relatively quick and our Estheticians are trained to quickly eliminate the transient sting of removing hair follicles from the root! However, as our guests remind us quite frequently: "It's worth it!".

Hair can be removed from any part of the body and we are happy to accommodate your specific request. Our Estheticians are professionals who have "seen it all" and you need not ever feel self conscious requesting specialty waxing.